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Julestar Amber Glow ( Amber ) - Proud Mum of 8 Catalan Sheepdog Puppies

(Shown once in 2009 ... Won once in 2009 - good for you Amber)

Amber, (Julestar Amber Glow) breed by Julie Bennet came to join us early 2009.

Ambers Puppies - last photo's uploaded 12th February 2010

(Amber with 6 of her puppies - 18th January 2010 - the other 2 are bottom left - they went for a walk)

Amber, breed by Julie Bennet cared for by Angie Fieldsend - Starwell Kennels

Just an hour after giving birth Amber shows that she is a naturally protective mother.

Amber at peace with her puppies.

Amber has only been shown once and won her class.

In 2010 she took time off for maternal duties .

She was mated to Charlie our Swedish import.

On 18/1/2010 she produced 8 puppies; 7 Boys and 1 girl - 2 fawn Boys and 6 Black / Tans.

Amber proved to be a Great mum .

Amber is a joy to live with and is fantastic with children - in her ways she is a typical Catalan.

For those who like to know:

Mum and Dad have both been hip scored

Ambers hip score is 6-7=13

Charlies hip score is 3-6=9

Both parents are eye tested clear.

Please feel free to contact us ... Thank you.