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Mei as a pup

Charlie (Atengos Made in Heaven to Starwell)


Top Catalan sheepdog 2012 and top import all breeds and invited to the contest of champions 2012

Some other accolades:

Top Catalan puppy.
6 Best Dogs
10 Reserve Best Dogs
2 Best Import

Proud father January 2010

Scarlett one of Charlies daughters owned by Sarah Peters.

See her in Charlies Puppies page

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Catalan Sheepdogs from Starwell Kennels

View: Catalan Sheepdogs at Crufts 2013

We are a small but caring kennels based in Lincolnshire.

Within the UK the Catalan Sheepdog has been considered an 'uncommon breed' but in recent years its popularity has risen. The breed is firmly established in mainland Europe and has spread into Ireland. Read Catalan Sheepdog Club of GB - a bit of background breed history for further information.

At Starwell Kennels we have encouraged and nurtured this fantastic breed and helped establish it with the Kennel Club of Great Britian - see link below.

From time to time, we have or know of Catalan Sheepdog puppies for sale but please if you are seeking to buy one of these delightful dogs always buy from a reputable breeder.

If you are serious about Catalan Sheepdogs then here are 2 handy links:
Kennel Club of GB - breed information and CSCoGB (Catalan Sheepdog Club of GB)

Regards, Angie

2012: Our latest show stopper - Adonis - and doesn't he know it!

Mei was at the Contest of Champions 2009/2010, also top Catalan and top import register all breeds.

Angie would like to thank all those judges who thought so highly of Mei. & Charlie through 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 and 13 (Mei just wonders what all the fuss is about)

Mei won many of her classes in 2009 and the CSCoGB wishes her well for the future. Mei’s success started at the Manchester Championship Show in 2009 and she just went from strength to strength in the ring.

The highlight of showing Mei in 2009 was when she got her first Best Import at a championship show at Blackpool.

A windswept Mei with Kennel mate Charlie who also had a good 2009

The breeder of Mei is Agusti Tonietti Ferrero - based in Catalan Read more..

Mei is a joy to live with, she loves being at the shows Read more..